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Thurs, March 23

Excel Info Session

78:30pm pm

Lacey Community Center

6729 Pacific Ave SE in Lacey

Woodland Creek Community Park
Presentation by Dr. Parker B. Williams

Tues, April 4

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


King County Meeting Pavillion
Presentation by BitStar CEO Scott Kennedy and Dr. Charles Morton of BrainPlanet


The Easiest Neural Net

You've heard all about what a neural network can do - but the only packages available are difficult to set up. Until now. Brainsheet uses the same sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms as the $5,000 software packages to detect patterns and discover complex relationships in your data. But Brainsheet costs only $289, and can be used right from the box without even opening the manual. effects of irresponsible development and we are organizing to protect our neighborhoods so that Thurston County continues to be a great place to live and raise our families.

Powerfully Simple

BrainSheet was specifically designed from the ground up to be one of the easiest neural network-based analysis tools. Loosely modeled after the neural networks in our brain, this advanced analysis program can look at any records of raw data you have collected, right from within your Microsoft Excel worksheet, and try to describe or "learn" how the resulting action or decision, is related to the given input variables. All your analysis can be done right from within the familiar spreadsheet environment. Just gather all the input data and resulting outcome data of all the instances or records you may have into an Excel worksheet. Excel is able to import virtually any type of data.


Brainsheet believes that powerful AI technologies can be made accessable to the general public through the development of well designed programming. To this end, we forged a partnerships with a wide variety of technology consultants and companies through BitStar International.

We Educate Customers about the technology and its applications through consulting and seminars.

We Encourage Innovationto be sure our staff and employees have the motivation and the tools to maximize the potential of their creative output.

We Maintain Sustainability by securing steady revenue streams, to insure our employee and investors can continue providing high quality products and services.


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